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Top 5 Best Bowfishing Arrows • (Ultimate 2023 Reviews)

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One of the most exciting jobs for any bowfisherman is choosing the best bowfishing arrows. By selecting a good arrow, you instantly boost your confidence, resulting in a boat full of fish and a full belly for weeks to come. In this guide, I share my personal favorite arrows for bowfishing that’ll help you take your skills to the next level.

First, it’s important to know that traditional arrows are no good for bowfishing. Two key differences between traditional arrows and bowfishing arrows are weight and fletching. Bowfishing arrows are heavier for better penetration through water and fish flesh. Plus, arrows for bowfishing perform better without fletching.

As a result, a good bowfishing arrow glides through the surface of the water to rip through larger fish up to 6ft deep or more. Once through, the heavier barbed arrow is perfect for reeling in those big catches.

Regarding materials, most arrows for bowfishing are fiberglass. Additionally, you’ll find higher-end arrows made of carbon-fiber. There are also mixtures such as aluminum-fiberglass and carbon-fiberglass. As for the tips and barbs, these are typically stainless steel. The key to choosing the right materials is to stay within your budget and stick with these corrosion-resistant materials.

So, with those thoughts floating around in your mind, it’s time to get rolling with the arrows.

Reviews: Best Bowfishing Arrows

Are you ready to get started? I hope so because I have some exciting reviews for you below. For reference, I started with my favorite arrows and then worked my way down. Each review gives you all the information you need to quickly choose your next arrow.

#1) AMS Bowfishing AnKor QT Arrows

For me, the AnKor QT sports the best bowfishing arrow tips with its stainless steel construction and stamped triple barbs. Additionally, the 2″ holding area is good for catching big fish. As for the entry diameter, it measures 7/8″, and the shaft itself measures just 5/16″. Plus, since this is AMS, you know for sure that you’re getting the straightest shafts.

Next, one of the best features of the AnKor QT is the quick-turn barb release. With this arrow, all you do is make a couple of quick turns to flip the barbs. Once flipped, removing the arrows from your catch is easy-peasy without the need to remove the tip. Speaking of the Cyclone tip, one last highlight worth mentioning is the vibration-dampening effect for smoother operation.

Lastly, the AnKor QT comes equipped with AMS EverGlide Safety Slides, it’s made in the USA, and each shaft is manually inspected by AMS for straightness. What more could you ask for from a top-notch bowfishing arrow?


  • Manually-inspected straight shaft
  • Stainless steel stamped triple-barbs
  • Quick-release function
  • 2″ holding area
  • Vibration-dampening tips
  • Made in the USA


  • Higher cost

#2) Muzzy Lighted Carbon Composite Fish Arrow

Let’s just say that everything about this arrow is awesome. As far as Muzzy Bowfishing arrows go, this is the best one available. First, it’s important to know that there are several versions of this arrow available. So, you have the option to choose between a Carp Point and Gar Point. Then, after that choice, you choose between Bottle Slide Installed or Cross Hole Drilled.

Essentially, you have the option to install your own safety slide or use Muzzy’s Bottle Slide. Once you’ve chosen your setup, it’s time to consider the features. Firstly, the main event is Muzzy’s lighted nock powered by Nokturnal. With the lighted nock, you’ll easily track fish and boost your second-shot strikes.

Regarding materials, the shaft is 80% fiberglass & 20% carbon, the arrow diameter is 5/16″, and the hardened steel Trocar Tip cuts through fishbone like butter. Plus, similar to AMS arrows, Muzzy’s lighted carbon arrow allows for quick release by turning the tip a couple of times.


  • Lighted nocks for easily tracking fish
  • Boost your second-shot accuracy
  • Choose between Gar and Carp points
  • Durable fiberglass-carbon shafts
  • Use your own safety slides or choose the option w/ Muzzy’s Bottle Slides


  • The cost of replacing the nocks
  • You might prefer AMS triple-barbed tips

#3) Fin-Finder Undertow Bowfishing Arrow w/ The Kraken Point

This, my friends, is a fun arrow. Comparatively, the overall quality of this arrow is right up there with AMS’s best bowfishing arrows. That alone should give you an idea of what this arrow brings to the dinner table. First, the Undertow is Fin-Finder’s most advanced arrow that’s made to enhance every aspect of your game from precision to power to penetration – the 3 Ps so to speak.

Next, the carbon shaft with a fiberglass core means this arrow is deluxe from the inside out. Plus, Fin-Finder does the same manual inspection for straightness as AMS before releasing its arrows. Beyond the shaft, The Kraken Point features 2.75″ stainless steel barbs for maximum holding power. In other words, almost no fish is too big for these arrows.

Several final highlights are the tunable nock system, an arrow slide included, and the fact that all skill levels can appreciate this arrow. All things considered, Fin-Finder’s Undertow should definitely be on your radar if you’re a fan of AMS arrows as well.


  • Premium carbon shaft w/ fiberglass core
  • The Kranken Tip for increased penetration through big fish
  • Arrow slide included
  • 2.75″ barbs for max holding power
  • QC tested for straightness


  • Not the easiest on the wallet
  • Not as easy to release as AMS or Muzzy arrows

#4) Cajun Bowfishing Fiberglass Arrow with 4 Barb Stinger

More barbs equal more better with the Cajun Stinger arrow. The latest iteration of this arrow features an upgraded, more durable red fiberglass shaft that spells doomsday for every fish that crosses your path. Plus, the new barbs are tougher and more plentiful with this arrow.

Next, as the title suggests, there are 4 barbs, which is the most you’ll find in this guide. However, and this is important to consider, Cajun advertises quick fish removal, but this arrow does not have a quick-release action. Instead, you’ll have to remove the tip to release the fish. For quick-release systems, stick with AMS or Muzzy arrows.

After those considerations, this arrow does include a slide, though, Cajun doesn’t mention it in its product description. Lastly, Cajun recommends using this arrow with soft-flesh fish, so if you want better penetration, stick with AMS or Fin-Finder’s Undertow.


  • 4 barbs for more holding power
  • Upgraded red fiberglass shaft
  • More affordable than premium AMS or Fin-Finder arrows (at the time of this writing)


  • Recommended for soft-flesh fish only
  • No quick-release function

#5) TruGlo Speed-Shot Bowfishing Arrow

Last up is one of the most versatile and affordable bowfishing arrows on the market by TruGlo. First, versatility comes into play because of the variety of available tips. In total, there are four different tips, including the Carpedo, Lunker, Speed-Shot, and Spring-Fisher. Of the three, the Carpedo point is the most commonly used, and at the time of this writing, the Lunker point is the most affordable.

After choosing your tip, there’s the option to choose between w/ and w/o the slide system. Regarding construction, these aren’t the most premier bowfishing arrows on the market, but they do get the job done. You’ll find high-visibility fluorescent fiberglass shafts, stainless steel tips, and an extra-slim nock diameter for enhanced accuracy.

One final consideration is that these arrows are more prone to durability issues than the preceding arrows. All in all, this is a budget arrow that’s good for beginners and fishermen on a tighter budget. Plus, you have plenty of options to optimize your arrow for the fish you usually catch.


  • Multiple tips to choose from
  • Good bang for your buck
  • Quick-release system
  • You might like the slide better than AMS and Cajun slides


  • More prone to durability issues
  • The slide stop might interfere with your rest (best used with a whisker biscuit)

Bottom Line

Like most bowfishing gear, the best bowfishing arrows are made by AMS. However, I really like Fin-Finder arrows and find that they’re right up there in the quality department as AMS. If you’re torn between the two, it’s not a bad idea to give each arrow a shot to see which one feels better to you.

For lighted arrows, Muzzy’s Lighted Carbon Arrow is another one of my favorites. Second shot accuracy and fish tracking become a whole lot better with the lighted nock. Beyond those considerations, Cajun is always a decent place to look for good gear, and TruGlo’s Speed-Shot arrows are a good budget alternative to AMS and Fin-Finder.